2017 Innovation Showcase

Are you in advanced wireless technologies, as a researcher, product developer or marketer?
Join us at WInnComm Europe 2017 with a demonstration of your product.

Demonstrations are planned for both days of the conference. The focus topics for the conference and demonstrations are:

  • SDR Standards and the SCA
  • Waveform Standards and Interoperability
  • Spectrum Sharing for DSA and Defense Communications
  • Electronic Warfare

Demonstrations will be featured throughout the two days of the conference in the plenary room.  

The earlier you reserve your spot, the earlier we can start promoting your demo!
Email your demo abstract no longer than 500 words to [email protected]
Include names of authors and affiliations with country please.

  • Demos are promoted as part of the conference program rather than a separate event, creating more cohesion between presentations and demos and more attention for your product or technology.
  • NEW: Register as a regular conference participant: there are no separate exhibition or demonstration fees

Reasons why you should submit your demo abstract today:

  • If you are a researcher or developer working on software defined radio and cognitive radio technologies, seeking industry recognition for your current work and feedback/funding on next steps, WInnComm Europe provides access to Radio Manufacturers, System Integrators, Procurement Authorities and End User Representatives in commercial, civil and defense markets seeking SDR and CR technology solutions to emerging wireless communications requirements;
  • If you are a radio manufacturers, system integrator, procurement authority or end user, seeking SDR and CR technology solutions to emerging wireless communications requirements, WInnComm Europe provides access to information on the latest in SDR and CR technologies from leading researchers and developers; 
  • If you are in sales and marketing seeking new contacts and exposure for your company and/or product, WInnComm Europe provides the premier venue to interact with your targeted customer base, see what your competition is doing and stay abreast of all the newest software defined radio (SDR), cognitive radio (CR) and dynamic spectrum access (DSA) technologies.
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